Monday, 2 September 2013

Music Review // Jessie Ware 'Devotion'

Jessie Ware's debut studio album 'Devotion' was released last summer, so I'm a little late (as per usual) to love this. I downloaded it a while ago, but only just got round to giving it a proper listen... and BOY am I glad I did!

I have quite a varied taste in music, but wasn't sure I'd be a huge fan of Jessie Ware. However, I was wrong. 

This album is a beautiful collection of hypnotic, dreamy love songs, and Jessie is a totally unique artist. Her gorgeously deep, rich vocals bring the emotional lyrics to life perfectly, and underpins all the elements of the album. There's a distinct 80's vibe in terms of the style of backing vocals, drum beats and synth melodies, especially in the songs 'Running' and 'Imagine It Was Us'. This nostalgic style is combined with the sparse, haunting sound of minimalistic modern electronica; think The XX or AlunaGeorge. I also LOVE the use of the string section, in particular the cello, in the song 'Night Light'

'Devotion' is a gorgeous album, easy to listen to and get lost in, with songs full of feeling and intensity. 

Rating: 4/5

Favourites: 'Wildest Moments', 'Running' (the Disclosure remix to this is also incredible!), 'Still Love Me', 'Something Inside'

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