Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beauty Bargain // Too Faced Eyeshadow Duo in 'Beauty Mark'

Hello there internet!

Today I'm reviewing an eyeshadow duo from Too Faced, which I actually picked up from work (which is Debenhams, by the way) a couple of weeks ago but only just got round to blogging about. I was buying a birthday present for someone, and as I got to the cosmetics till I spotted some reduced Too Faced products. I had never tried the brand before, and the stuff was HEAVILY discounted so thought I'd give it a go. Most of it was glittery eyeliners and crazy colours, which I wasn't a fan of, so I went for the 'Beauty Mark' Eyeshadow Duo.

It was originally £14.50, and was reduced to a teeny £2.18! THEN I got my 20% staff discount, such a wonderful thing, so it was a real bargain!

After trying the product, I am seriously glad I didn't buy it at full price. I like the whimsical packaging but it is preeettty flimsy. The colours in the pan are gorgeous; a peachy rose-gold and dark purpley brown, but sadly the pigmentation in these is pretty poor. You have to push a load on your lids to get a good colour payoff, and they look really lovely on but only last a couple of hours at best and definitely not all day. An eye primer is essential, but I wouldn't advise using a cream eyeshadow as the Too Faced one then loses it's pigment when put over the top. It's such a shame, because I absolutely love the peachy colour! Booo.

In the look above I put the lighter colour all over the lid and into the corners of the eye, and used the darker colour all around the lash lines to create a smokey flick. The mascara I'm wearing is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless.

I can't find Too Faced on the Debenhams website, and I think they may be being discontinued or we are not stocking them any more, however you can find it at Boots here and Look Fantastic here

I'm not wowed by this product, and though I can't complain, and am actually pretty pleased with it for the price I got it at, I definitely wouldn't have paid £14.50!

Have you tried Too Faced eyeshadow?
Is there any of their products you'd recommend?

(All images are my own, and must be credited if shared. Though I got this product at a discounted price, it was purchased by myself and reviewed honestly.)


  1. I dont own any products from two faced, tempted now though! I have heard there bronzer is really nice!

    I would love for you to enter my Bourjois giveaway!

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster award