Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The 1975: Gig and Album Review

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Hello there!

I've actually been meaning to write a review of The 1975's self titled debut album for a while now, but after booking tickets to see them live I thought I'd wait to include my thoughts from the gig too!

The 1975 first came onto my radar last summer, when their big singles 'Chocolate' and 'Sex' seemed inescapable! It felt like they shot to stardom overnight, especially when their album was released back in September and went straight to number 1 in the UK album chart. 

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This album was like nothing I have ever heard before; a little bit 80s (saxophone solo, anyone?), a little bit the indie of the 90s, and the rest melancholy electronica (XX-ish), the 1975 use a mix of sounds and influence to create something that is, to me, thoroughly new. From the dubstep beat of 'The City' all the way to the beautiful yet warped piano ballad 'Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You', this album fits perfectly together to make something that I just cannot stop listening to. 

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My favourite of the bunch is most definitely 'Talk!'; it's a cacophony of off-beat drums, atmospheric sound effects, wandering bassline and high pitched guitar strums, with lead singer Matt Healy's dreamy but angsty voice and relatable lyrics over the top. Just so cool. A close second is 'Heart Out', with a middle 8 to die for and the most cliche yet totally necessary saxophone solo I've heard in a while. My other personal highlights of the album are 'Settle Down', 'Sex' and 'Pressure', but to be honest, it's all pretty darn good.

On to the gig!

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I managed to get tickets to their sell-out show at the 02 Academy in Newcastle, Matt Healy's home town! And in homage to that, the lead singer wore the Toon Army black and white stripes (this caused some booing, which was immediately quashed!). The sound balance was all wrong at first and you couldn't hear the vocals at all, which got me in a panic! But it got sorted pretty quickly, and the show was a cracking one, playing most of the album as well as earlier tunes from their EPs. I wasn't sure what to expect of the band live, but they absolutely brought the songs to life, taking them from fairly easy listening to a really stage-worthy sound. 

The 1975 are big on visuals too, and that had a huge impact on the show; they've created a whole aesthetic around the band, with black and white imagery, grungy androgynous style and old school lighting that really brought the feel of the gig together. 

(There was also one support act that I feel I just have to mention; I'd never heard of Wolf Alice before Monday, but I'm definitely their newest fan! I recommend you all listen to them. Immediately.)

Here's a final gratuitous image of the rather beautiful Matt Healy.

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Probably the coolest guy in music right now.

Are you a fan of The 1975?

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  1. Great review, what gigs are you going to next?

    1. Thank you! Got a few coming up actually, Newton Faulkner, Bastille and Bombay Bicycle Club :)
      Soph x

    2. Sweet, they all have a similar vibe

    3. Yep, can't wait! Should have reviews up after each one too :)