Sunday, 16 June 2013

Beauty Review // The Body Shop

I'll admit, I had never been in a Body Shop in my life until last week...which is pretty weird because I do a lot of shopping! But on a spontaneous shopping trip (the best kind of trip) to the Metro Centre I thought I would have a browse after seeing a haul from one of my favourite bloggers, Essie Button.

I ended up getting these two products which Essie Button mentioned, the Brazil Nut Body Scrub and Coconut Body Butter. It took a fair while for me to decide what I was getting; I was smelling the great range of body butters for aaaages and actually stopped myself from looking at the rest of the store for fear I'd be in there forever! Though I'm sure I'll be heading back soon...

The shop itself smells incredible, and so do the products. There's something for everyone, but I really love nutty smells so decided on the Brazil Nut and Coconut. These. Smell. Amaaaazing. The Brazil Nut one especially is I love it. BUT my friend smelled it and wasn't a fan, so I think it is subjective to personal taste and that it is probably better to smell them in person yourself as some of them are quite strong. The Coconut one is more subtle, but equally lovely.

I have been using the Coconut Butter every day after a shower, and, as you can probably tell from the sizeable dent in the tub, I really like it. I haven't really used a Body Butter before, but I love the kind of solid texture of this one that just melts into your skin and lasts all day. The tub is fairly big so I think it will last a while, but the scrub is smaller and I do find myself rationing it to make it last longer! I have used the scrub a couple of times, and it has quite large bits in it that exfoliate you really well, though I would recommend applying it in the shower or those bits will get all over the place! Ha! Just an example of my severe lack of common sense there...

Overall I love these products, and will definitely be purchasing more from the Body Shop soon. These are a little more costly than I would prefer; they were actually on a 'buy one get one half price' offer which lessened the blow, and I've heard that The Body Shop have offers like that on a lot. I also got a voucher with my receipt for £10 off my next £25 spend, which I think is pretty good! Check out their website here, where they have some 50% off deals and free delivery over £20 going on at the moment.

Have you tried any Body Butters from the Body Shop?


  1. I have the cocoa flavour and i simply love it!

    1. Ah they just smell so amazing! I might try that one next :)

      Sophie xx

  2. I love body shop products! They all smell incredible and I think it's so good that they're cruelty free- makes them even better!

    Abbi x

    1. I know! My new favourite beauty brand I think!

      Soph xx

  3. I love the body shop products, especially the body butters. They have been a favourite of mine for years!

    Olivia xo