Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Albums I'm Loving // Bastille, Paramore, Lumineers, 30STM

A little music post for you all today! :)
Here's the albums I can't get enough of recently.

I'll be honest, I was kinda late to jump on the Bastille bandwagon. I first heard of them when they won a competition on Radio 1, and they have had huge success with the release of this debut album. 'Bad Blood' is a brilliant album, and Bastille have created a signature sound of booming drum beats and almost tribal male harmonies. I wasn't blown away on first listen, but after a couple of times, it has grown to be one of my favourites! I'm actually hoping to see Bastille later this year too (see dates here).

Favourites: Laura Palmer, Flaws, Icarus, Pompeii (absolute anthem!).

I am a long time fan of Paramore, ever since their first album All We Know Is Falling, and have seen them live twice. They are one of my all time favourite bands, so I was seriously excited for the new album! It's no secret Paramore have been through some personal ups and downs, with some members leaving, but this self-titled album is a great expression of that and how the band are moving on. It's a lot more varied than the previous albums, with some classic pop-rock sounds, as well some more electronics and a lot more instrumental work. Hayley's voice is incredible as always, and this is a brilliant example of musical storytelling. 

Favourites: Now (so punk, love it), Future, Last Hope, I'm Not Angry Anymore (Interlude).

You may know The Lumineers by their song 'Ho Hey', which was featured on an advert and proceeded to become everyone's favourite song, including mine. I then dug a little deeper and checked out their album. This is a truly beautiful album, with a folksy, indie sound and gorgeous melodies and lyrics. Every song is good'un, and I cannot get them out of my head! They remind me of Mumford & Sons, but a more gentler version, lovely.

Favourites: Slow It Down (the haunting tones and chords sound just like Jeff Buckley, insanely gorgeous), Big Parade, Dead Sea, Submarines.

Last, but not least, the freaking incredible 30 Seconds to Mars, another of my ultimate favourite bands. Their new album is split into the four sections of the name, and is full of the hugely epic tunes that we would expect of them. I'll admit, I kinda prefer the previous two albums, but this one is still repeating on my playlist! It's operatic, orchestral, dramatic, emotional...basically, I love it! The beautiful Jared Leto has amazing vocals, and soon I'll be witnessing them live at the Newcastle Metro Arena! I booked tickets this week to see them in November, supported by my other favourites You Me At Six. Check out the other tour dates here.

Favourites: Conquistador, Up In The Air, The Race, Depuis Le Debut

So there you are, the albums that are the soundtrack to my days at the moment.

Are you a fan of these bands? What's on your current playlist?

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