Friday, 25 January 2013

Feeling Motivated!

'The only source of knowledge is experience...'
                                 -Albert Einstein

Just a reeeally quick post about what's going on in my life at the minute, if anyone's interested!

Had a great guest lecture earlier today with a lady called Laura from the organisation 'Writer's Block' (find their facebook page here), an agency that specialises in taking unknown creative writers and helping them network with directors, producers and media executives in order to provide a platform and an audience for their work. As an aspiring journalist and writer myself, this sparked some inspiration as to my degree and hopefully my career! Getting a job in this industry is all about making yourself heard, so I plan to blog as often as I can! Writer's Block is currently in between funding, but should be up and running again in April (their facebook still posts opportunities from contacts though!).

Work experience is VITAL in order to impress potential employees, so I'm hoping to apply for as much of that as I can over the summer holidays this year! One way I hope to expand my CV a little is using a site called Text Broker, a site that helps authors and writers (you don't need to be professional, but the better you write, the better your reputation and the more likely people are to pick you!) connect with clients who need copy written for their business. My aunty recommended it to me a while back, and I just got round to signing up. You have to create a piece of writing when you register, which I'm still in the process of doing, which needs to show off your writing skills because the site uses it to decide how competent a writer you are. It's a great way to gain experience of writing professionally and letting it work around your free time! 

If there are any aspiring writers out there like me, check these out; any experience is good experience and these might be places to get it!

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