Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dr Martens Wishlist!

I was nonchalantly scrolling through my emails earlier (I receive about 30 a day from various fashion websites) and suddenly, a beautiful pair of boots caught my attention on an email from Schuh.

It was the Dr Martens Applique Louie Tattoo Boots.

I think I actually yelped in delight at the sight of them.
Pretty sad, I know.

Love at first sight.

I love the minimalism of the pure white background, the rockstar cool of the stylised tattoo prints, and of course, the classic shape of the 8-eye Dr Marten boot.

Don't worry, I realise they're probably not everyone's cup of tea. But they are definitely mine!

I tried out a pair of the biker boot-style Dr Martens a few months ago, and ended up sending them back because they were so uncomfortable! I couldn't even bear to wear them in. 
However, this pair inspire me to possibly give them another try, perhaps in a bigger size. 
I'll have to save up some pennies first though, as these are quite a hefty £120, waaaay outside my budget!

But, you never know.

If those don't take your fancy, here's some more of my favourite styles from the Dr Martens collection:

Dr Martens 8 Eye Spike Boot, were £275, now £174.99 (Bargain! Sort of.)
These are just, wow. Awesome.

Dr Martens Castel 8 Eye Vintage Boot in Natural, £95
These are brand new for spring, and the pretty Victorian floral print makes a great contrast with the chunky toughness of the boot.

Black & Red Dr Martens 14-Eye Roses Boot, £130
Gothic, classic... just cool.

Have any of you got your eye on some DMs?

Thanks for reading!


(images and prices all from www.schuh.co.uk)

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