Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blogging: An Introduction

Being a Media student, I wanted to start a blog so as to be part of the online world I spend so much time studying. As you might have seen, my main interests are fashion, music and the media, so they are pretty much what I'll be talking about!

Over the last few weeks my Twitter feed has been overloaded with tweets about fashion week, be it New York, London or Tokyo. Following fashion designers and editors on Twitter means we can see new collections literally as they are appearing on the runway, and I LOVE that.

Some of the highlights I've seen were Fendi, Thakoon, Mulberry, and just today, Jonathan Saunders from a tower block in London.

One day I hope to be sitting there myself, but until that time, seeing the action on Twitter is more than sufficient!

More in-depth posts to come once I actually figure out how to use Blogspot!


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