Monday, 29 October 2012

Rule No. 4: 'Fasten your seat belts...

.....this is going to be a bumpy ride.'

Apologies for it having been so long since a new post; I've been busy starting my second year at uni, and wanted to work on redesigning the layout of my blog (though it is still a working progress), so I hope you like it!

I've seen a lot of great films recently, so wanted to write a few reviews. First up is:


Directed by Ruben Fleischer

Zombieland is the tale of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a slightly awkward sociopath with a phobia of everything who is one of the few humans left in a zombie-infested world due to a list of rules for survival. He begins a journey to discover the fate of his parents and comes across a lively gang along the way, consisting of Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and sister act Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin).

Rule No. 18: Limber Up

For starters, the acting is simply brilliant. There is no weak link in the foursome; each is witty and excellent, and they gel together perfectly considering their only other co stars (with the exception of Bill Murray) are blood-crazed zombies. 

Rule No. 17: Don't Be A Hero

Jesse Eisenberg is one of my favourite actors; his subtle yet remarkable performances in films like The Social Network and Adventureland are full of smartly spoken dialogue and dripping with sarcasm. He does well at making Columbus nervous and lonely, but incredibly likeable.

Rule No. 8: Get A Kick-Ass Partner

The first companion Columbus acquires is the steely, hot-headed Tallahassee, a man who thoroughly enjoys ripping zombies to shreds and is unstoppable in his quest for his favourite snack, the illusive Twinkie. I love Woody Harrelson in just about everything; he's quirky, gritty, and an amazing presence on the screen. 

'When Tallahassee goes Hulk on a zombie, he sets the standard for 'not to be fucked with"

Columbus and Tallahassee set off on their travels, and everything goes well until they meet their match in sisters Wichita and Little Rock. Both Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin are naturals and make for some of the best moments in the film, not least how they fool the two boys. Twice.

Rule No. 31: Check The Back Seat

Emma Stone, I believe, is one the best comic actresses in film at the moment. She has a way of bringing a script into reality, and has an ease in front of the camera that always makes her so enjoyable to watch (her performance in Easy A is outstanding).

'It's amazing how fast the world can go from bad to total shit storm.'

Zombieland is short (only around 80 minutes), snappy, and seriously smart. There are genuinely hilarious moments throughout, full of fantastic one liners delivered by a superb cast. The story is simple but well executed, and there is a comic book feel to it (especially in the theme park section) that really suits the genre and enhances the zombie-killing action. Eisenberg's deadpan narration really makes the film, as does the idea of the survival rules appearing on screen when relevant (again adding to the sense of the characters living in a comic book, or even a virtual game-world). The tentative relationship between Columbus and Wichita does seem almost like a generic required romantic element, but makes for some nice scenes and brings the group together.

It's a whole lot of funny with just the right amount of emotion, and will definitely become one of my favourites.

Rule No. 32: Enjoy The Little Things.

Verdict: The American equivalent of the excellent Shaun of the Dead.

Rating: 5/5

Watch this film!

Thanks for reading!



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