Monday, 4 November 2013

Fashion Week Favourites: Meadham Kirchhoff's Victoriana Schoolgirls

Hi there!

Even though London Fashion Week was over a month ago now, I've been so busy that I'm still catching up on next years collections! However, when Meadham Kirchhoff's collection of brilliance caught my eye, I couldn't resist doing another Fashion Week Favourite.

Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff never fail to surprise; their designs don't really understand the meaning of rules, or subtlety, and the word wearable doesn't really spring to mind either. But, they are always incredibly creative and inspiring, and the kind of clothes I'd want to wear if I was that little bit braver or, you know, cooler.

There was an air of Halloween about this collection, despite it being that of next summer...but then again, there always is that slightly gothic edge with Meadham Kirchhoff. There's lace, lots and lots of lace, mostly black and white but with a pop of seductive red thrown in for good measure. Masculine tailored jackets with military details sat over frilly babydoll dresses and knee high socks add a sense of formality, roughed up by cut-off sleeves and exposed midriffs.

Accessories are also the stars of the show; there were multiple childlike bows adorning fiery red ringlets, oversized bonnets-come-sunhats fresh from a Jane Austen novel and the coolest fricking sunglasses I have ever seen. Spiky black frames with bats round the ears? Yes please.

Those glasses, oh my. ♥

Take a bow, Meadham Kirchhoff.

All images from the Vogue website, see the full show and catwalk report here.

What are your favourite trends this season?


  1. I hadn't seen this collection yet but it's gorgeous! Thanks for bringing it to my attention

    x greta

    1. Amazing isn't it! Thanks for the comment :) x