Thursday, 23 May 2013

Coming Soon To A Cinema Near You....

It is a sad, yet true, fact that I spend many an hour of my free time browsing film sites such as Empire magazine or imdb, looking at trailers and reviews of movies past, present, and future.

Today I just thought I'd share some of the films that I'm bursting with excitement about watching!
Here's my top 5... 

(Apologies for the tiny little videos, just hit full screen!)

1) First up, Man Of Steel.

Here's an epic trailer...

Fortunately, we haven't got too long to wait for this one, as it is released on June 14th. I loooove superheroes and anything comic book (as you can probably tell), but have never really gotten into the whole Superman thing. However, I cannot wait to see this! It's yet another 'origin story', following again in the footsteps of Nolan's Batman, and shows Clark Kent (or Kal-El) as a child growing up on Earth, who is then forced to fight against his true race and General Zod (Michael Shannon) in finding out his powers. It's directed by Zack Snyder, who also directed Watchmen, which is what I think gives me more faith in this film being a bit less cheesy than previous Superman adaptations. Also, Henry Cavill is playing the lead.... need I say more?

2) Next, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

This isn't out until November, but I'm excited already! It's the second in the Hunger Games trilogy, and was actually probably my favourite book, so I hope the film does it justice! The usuals are back; Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Woody Harrelson, with some new characters too.

3) Next is a film I only heard about really recently, so I'm not even too sure what it's about! But, it looks awesome. It's called The East.

I think the general idea is an anarchist network infiltrating big corporations in a violent form of protest, and Brit Marling is kind of undercover in both? As I say I only just heard about it, but it's out June 28th so we'll know more then! Ha.

It was the trailer that caught my attention..

4) Now we have the directorial debut of the beauuutiful Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Don Jon.

Yes, this is written by, directed by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He also sings, dances, and plays guitar. Clearly the perfect man?!?

Don Jon is meant to be fairly raunchy but looks pretty hilarious too. I just think this guy is super talented so can't wait to see how he directs too!

5) And what would a film wish-list be without Ryan Gosling

I know he ain't looking his best there, but this is a film I've been waiting for a long time! It brings together Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, who both previously worked on the hugely successful and quietly stunning Drive. It's a classic revenge tale, and promises even more violence than Drive (it even gained a red-band trailer), and has recently split critics at the Cannes Film Festival; some were loving it and others saying the violence is just too much. You can make up your own mind at its release on August 2nd.

And the aforementioned trailer....
(Red band: mature audiences only! Just to warn you!)


Apologies for the fairly long post, so hard to choose just five films I'm looking forward to!

Maybe I'll do another one of these? What do you think?

Which films are you excited for?

Thanks for reading!



  1. oh I just love films so muuuch! hahah so excited for all of these

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Me too!! Haha :-) now following you

      Sophie x

  2. Great picks a few there I really want to see :) the hunger games looks amazing x | Shamballa Bracelet Giveaway ♥

  3. hey hun, i've followed you on blogger and bloglovin, adore your blog! im originally from teesside too! :) xx

    1. thank you, I'm now following you too!
      always great to hear from a fellow teessider haha :)

      Soph xx