Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: Soap & Glory's 'Hocus Focus'

Hello people!

Today I thought I'd review a product I bought a fair few weeks ago whilst at the Metro Centre; Soap & Glory's Hocus Focus.

Me and my friend were aimlessly browsing in Boots, when my friend Morag tried out some of this product, and the result was instant. She just applied Hocus Focus over her foundation and the difference was remarkable, her pores seemed to disappear and her skin looked dewy and flawless. This completely wowed us all and caused 3 of us to each buy a pot of Hocus Focus without a seconds thought!

The jar says it can be used with a moisturiser, blended with foundation or on its own as a highlighter. I tend to use it after moisturiser all over, and then, after applying foundation, more heavily along my cheekbones and nose as a highlighter.

I must admit, it doesn't seem to have the magical effect on me that first made me buy it, but whenever I see Morag wearing it she looks amazing so maybe it's just my face! Haha.

Nonetheless this is still a brilliant product; the packaging, as with all Soap & Glory, is really cool and retro, and the cream itself has an amazing metallic sheen to it, making my skin more luminous. It does cost £13, more than I'd normally pay; I originally got it on the 3 for 2 offer, but after using it, would definitely shell out the full price! Check it out on the Boots website here

I'd give Hocus Focus a 9/10.

Here's a picture with me wearing it (as I do every day); you can't really see it properly though as the lighting in my room is terrible!

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products?

Thanks for reading!


(this product was purchased by me; all my reviews are honest and my own opinion)

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